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PimaLib_IngridT created a list Mar 06 2018
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Daniel Jose Older at Tucson Festival of Books

"Daniel Jose Older, an urban fantasy author with vibrant Latinx characters, will be at the Tucson Festival of Books this Saturday at 10 am in the Nuestras Raices Tent doing a panel discussion called Parallel, But Not Equal: Busting Through Mainstr..."
PimaLib_IngridT made a comment Aug 16 2016
"I just reserved this book because I read in the August 2016 Library Journal that this book, besides winning a Hugo Award, is on the reading lists of President Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg." Permalink
PimaLib_IngridT made a comment Aug 05 2016
"I really like Jack Reacher. He's a great guy. This book was fun to read. I looked forward to picking it up and reading where I left off. I read this book because of an interview on NPR with Lee Child for his #21 latest Jack Reacher book- Night Sc..." Permalink
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